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Ginny Glass writes wicked smart, rocket-hot, melt-your-heart, zap-your-undies fiction. She's a 30-something snarky brunette who likes thunderstorms, junk shops, vintage kitchenware, big words and writing author's biographies for herself (kidding - these things are horridly difficult to write).
Why romance? Who knows. Ginny once got Fabio's "Pirate" confiscated by a teacher in middle school, and it's been debauchery and a slow downward moral slide from there. Not because Ginny got 'hold of a dirty book, but because she only read it halfway through and thought -
"Hey, I bet I could spice this up."
Raised in the rural South where, yes, she did participate in some deep-frying and several beauty pageants, Ginny currently lives in the desert, works a full-time grown-up job, does graphic design for several prominent ePublishers (check our her design at WordSugar Designs!), writes until the wee hours of the night and has high hopes that she will someday develop superpowers.
You can contact Ginny to ask questions, discuss the miracle of cuisine that is Captain Crunch French Toast (yes, all one food!) or just generally say anything via the "contact" tab above.
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